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Know the Amazing Benefits of Occupational Therapy with ANJ

What is Occupational Therapy?

occupational therapist sydneyAre you wondering What is Occupational Therapy or how it is beneficial for an individual? Occupational therapy is a client-centered healthcare profession. Occupational therapy is beneficial for people of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive issues.  Obstacles that interfere with a person’s emotional, social, and physical requirements are addressed by occupational therapists. They achieve this by engaging in routine activities, workouts, and other treatments.



Who should Approach an Occupational Therapist for help?

An individual who has any of the following conditions should consider approaching an Occupational Therapist for assistance: 

  • Birth injuries or birth defects
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Traumatic injuries to the brain or spinal cord
  • Learning problems
  • Autism
  • Developmental delays
  • Post-surgical conditions

Occupational Therapy v/s Physiotherapy:

If you may ask me how occupational therapy is different from physiotherapy, then the answer is coherent. Physiotherapy deals with pain, strength endurance, and gross motor skills whereas occupational therapy deals with cognitive problems, visual-perceptual skills, fine motor skills, and sensory-processing problems. 


what is occupational therapy Pediatric occupational therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy supports the development of the fine motor, sensory-motor, and visual motor abilities that kids need to function and interact with others while also assisting kids in becoming more independent. Practitioners of pediatric occupational therapy offer assistance to babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers in a range of settings, as well as to their families. It may occasionally be the responsibility of an occupational therapist to assist in identifying the underlying causes of a kid’s delayed social or cognitive development because the factors that may be preventing a child from making normal progress will differ depending on the child. They can then consider potential fixes and create an appropriate therapy schedule.

How does an Occupational Therapist work?

Occupational therapists work on the mental health of the client through the following steps:

Assessment: The first and ongoing assessments form the foundation of the occupational therapy process. The occupational therapist places to focus and the client they are working with on personal and environmental abilities as well as issues with everyday tasks.

Planning: The plan’s short- and long-term treatment goals are based on the assessment’s findings. The strategy should be appropriate for the person’s stage of development, routines, roles, preferences for lifestyle, and surroundings.

Intervention: Programs that are environmental and person-oriented are the main focus of intervention. They make it easier for a person to carry out daily chores and adapt to their living, working, and social environments. Examples include imparting new skills and supplying tools that promote personal care independence.

Collaboration: Occupational therapists understand the value of collaborative efforts. The comprehensive approach must be realized via collaboration and cooperation with other professionals, families, carers, and volunteers.

Occupational Therapy Sydney

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