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Why you should consider the help of Adult Speech Pathologist?

Speech therapy is beneficial and effective for adults with communicative difficulties. These difficulties can begin in their childhood, as in the case of stuttering, or it can be acquired in the later stages of life i.e. during adulthood or in their old age, for example after a brain injury or stroke. Speech therapy can address a large variety of issues associated to communication skills.

Purpose of Adult Speech Therapy

Through adult speech therapy adults can learn strategies to strengthen their communication skills. Speech therapy can cater to communication needs in various areas, which include, stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumors, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia), voice disorders, fluency disorders like stuttering and accent modification or reduction.


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Who is an Adult Speech Language Pathologist?

Speech is an incredible creation and a powerful communication tool. It can be really frustrating when you or your loved ones may have difficulties in their speech intelligibility, language skills, or even feeding skills. Adult Speech Language Pathologists (Adult Speech Therapists) are professionals who work on adults and elderly people when they acquire any speech, language, feeding, swallowing or hearing difficulties.


Adult speech therapy caters to adults struggling with speech and language issues and improves their quality of life. These difficulties can be present since childhood or can be a result of a recent illness or trauma like traumatic brain injury. Also, some adults want to improve their public speaking abilities or want to work on modifying their accent and so they also avail speech therapy. Hence, a speech therapist can also assist an individual to build a better career too.


Role of an Adult Speech Therapist?

The major roles of an Adult Speech Therapist (Asult Speech Language pathologist) are Assessment, Diagnosis and Treat. Let’s see both these terms.


Firstly, the Adult Speech Language Pathologist will build a rapport with the client, followed by which the background information of the client is collected, and a detailed assessment or evaluation is carried out.


The Adult SLP will conduct various diagnostic tests to assess the disorder and to provide an accurate diagnosis for the client’s disorder. Some of the diagnoses that Adult SLPs commonly run across are given below.


Once the Adult SLP arrives at a diagnosis, therapy is initiated. The SLP will guide the client through an individualized speech therapy plan that fits the client’s specific communication needs.


Possible Disorders in Speech & Language

There are main disorders seen in Speech and Language. These are categorized as Aphasia, Apraxia and Dysarthria. Out of this the most common disorder is Aphasia.

Aphasia is language loss which is caused by brain damage, which can occur due to a stroke, trauma or TBI, or tumour. It may affect any domain of language (there are four main domains of language – understanding, speaking, reading and writing).

Apraxia is a speech disorder in which the coordination and sequencing of sounds in words are affected. In this condition, there is a disruption in the neural pathway (from the brain to the muscles of the mouth). In apraxia, usually there is no weakness of the muscles in relation to the mouth.

Dysarthria is also a speech disorder, here, usually slurred speech is manifested. This condition occurs due to weakness of the muscles related to the mouth or those related to breathing.


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Can Adult Speech Therapy Help in Professional Communication?

Adults also seek the services of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to refine their general communication skills. One doesn’t need to have a diagnosis to begin speech therapy. It helps them build confidence for public speaking or helps them modify or reduce their accent effects. If you are in Sydney area and looking for one of the best help in Adult Speech Therapy, ANJ therapy can give you the best assistance. We are just a call away.

Some Adult SLPs work with bilingual adults who are keen on modifying their accents. Speech therapy can be a useful tool to also perfect one’s pronunciation. It also can improve one’s comfort and confidence for public speaking. Also, speech therapy can help adults improve their intonation and expression in order that it comes out more naturally.