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Psychology Services

Psychology services

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Are you looking for the Best Psychological services in Sydney or wondering how a Psychologist can help you? ANJ Therapy is one of the trusted Sydney Child Psychology Services expert and also known for Adult Psychology Services. We offer assistance to those dealing with mental illness as well as those going through trying or upsetting situations. Psychology as a term refers to services such as:

1. Administering psychological and developmental tests and other assessment procedures

2. Interpreting assessment results.

3. Obtaining, integrating, and interpreting information about child behaviour and child and family conditions related to learning, mental health, and development and

4. Planning and directing a programme of psychological services, such as psychological counselling for kids and parents, families, and other individuals.

How can we help you with our Psychology Services?

psychology services

You will meet one of the best Psychologists in Sydney if you consider contacting ANJ Therapy. We have Experienced Psychologists who are compassionate and capable of understanding the root cause of the issues. We can assist in managing a wide range of issues. Some of them are reflected below:


  • Addressing the signs of anxiety and depression
  • Treatment and identification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis and treatment (ADHD)
  • Addressing sleep problems
  • Modifying behavioral problems in children.

Psychological Therapy Techniques

Psychological therapy is a collaborative setting where you can examine your problems in a secure and private environment. We want to make it easier for you to comprehend your emotions in light of your prior encounters.

You may feel more comfortable discussing your experiences in detail during therapy because of the supportive, judgment-free environment it offers.

We offer a wide range of psychological services, such as individual, couple, family, and group counseling and therapy, psychological testing and evaluation, and psychoeducational courses. We also provide services such as Music therapy, Pediatric Counselling sessions, and Pediatric Occupational Therapy.

Music Therapy: In Music Therapy, a qualified practitioner who has completed an approved music therapy program uses clinical and evidence-based music interventions to achieve specific goals within a therapeutic relationship. Various clinical and educational objectives can be met through music therapy activities.

Psychotherapy: A method of treatment for psychological, emotional, or behavioral issues in which a trained individual develops a relationship with one or more patients with the goal of modifying or eradicating current symptoms and fostering personality growth is known as psychotherapy, often known as counseling.

Pediatric Counselling Sessions: The client and the counselor work together in counseling. Professional counselors work to increase self-esteem, promote behavior change, and maintain optimal mental health. They also assist clients in identifying goals and potential solutions to issues that cause emotional distress. Child therapy is crucial because it gives the child the opportunity to discover how to control their emotions and grasp the link between their emotions and actions, giving them more control over their actions. Therapy for children encourages An improvement in confidence and self-worth and a decrease in depression and anxiety.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Pediatric occupational therapy supports the development of the fine motor, sensory, and visual motor abilities that kids need to function and interact with others while also assisting kids in becoming more independent.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: The concept that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all interconnected and influence one another is combined with some behavioral treatment principles in cognitive behavioral therapy. The aim is to swap out bad or damaging mental patterns or behaviors with constructive ones. A significant portion of CBT entails discussing your thoughts about any situations you’d like to discuss with your therapist. Your therapist will inquire about your thoughts and the feelings they evoked.

Dialectic Behavioral therapy: This kind of therapy focuses on acquiring abilities to handle difficult circumstances. To understand how to manage and accept challenging emotions, “dialectic” simply refers to a logical exchange of ideas and perspectives. Dialectical behavioural therapy is beneficial for persons who engage in self-destructive activities and suicidal thoughts. It aids in the growth of interpersonal effectiveness, emotional control, and mindfulness. With the help of this therapy they can control their bad emotions and cultivate better connections.

When should one consider for Psychology Services?

Anyone who has ongoing emotional, behavioral, or cognitive issues could find it helpful to see a psychologist. If parents or other adults feel their child has ADHD or ASD, they can also bring them to these professionals for a diagnosis.

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Some indications that it would be beneficial to contact a psychologist include the following:

  • Feeling nervous all the time
  • Suffering debilitating
  • Feelings of despair or helplessness
  • Struggling with tasks at work or in daily life
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism
  • Having suicide thoughts
  • Having experienced abuse or other trauma.