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How can Speech Language Pathologists Help you?

Who is a Speech Pathologist?

Have you been searching for the service of a Speech Pathologist in Sydney or considering What does Speech Pathologist do? These individuals help to prevent, identify, and rehabilitate speech, swallowing and hearing difficulties. They deal with clients of all age groups, from infants to geriatrics. Speech pathologists (also known as Speech Language Pathologists -SLPs) are qualified professionals who are licensed communication experts

Speech Therapist Vs Speech Pathologist

Are you wondering what could be the differences between a Speech Therapist and a Speech pathologist? Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Pathologist) and Speech Therapist are used interchangeably and there is no difference between the services provided.

What does Speech Pathologist do?

Speech Language Pathologists initially identify if an individual has any speech, swallowing or hearing difficulties. Further, they help in evaluating the status and then assist in treating the difficulties or rehabilitating the individual. They treat individuals of all age groups. Some of the areas a Speech Therapist (Speech Pathologist) can help and the treatment domains they work upon usually include the following:

  • Articulation: Speech Pathologists treat patients with misarticulation of one or more sounds in their speech; they work on issues like lisps, substitution errors, etc.
  • Fluency: it is the smooth flow of speech without any interruption or stuttering.
  • Social Communication: Speech Language Pathologists help individuals who struggle with understanding social cues, body language and other communication behaviours. They assist them in way that they learn to engage and establish connection with others effectively.
  • Language: it is the extend to which we comprehend what we listen and speak. SLPs assist with language disorders, one such example is Aphasia.
  • Voice: SLPs help individuals who are vulnerable to or who grow hoarse or completely lose their voice; they improvise their techniques of voice usage to prevent further injuries.
  • Feeding and Swallowing: SLPs treat individuals with dysphagia which includes swallowing, chewing, sucking and biting difficulties that leads to lack of nutrition and other diseases.
  • Literacy: SLPs also treat individuals who have reading and writing difficulties in language.

Disorders of communication tend to overlap, which in turn makes the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders complicated. The SLPs combine their anatomical knowledge, diagnostic skills and clinical skills while working with the individual and their team.

Children’s Speech Pathologist (Paediatric Speech Pathologist)

what does speech pathologist do

Paediatric Speech Language Pathologists work with children. Children’s speech Therapist can \help children to communicate effectively. They work on improving their verbal and non-verbal language abilities. They also assist with feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Paediatric Speech Language Pathologists work with all age groups of children, i.e., from infants to adolescents, to help with speech, language, feeding, swallowing and hearing skills.


Adult Speech and Language Pathologist

Adult Speech Language Pathologists work on adults and elderly people when they acquire any speech, language, feeding, swallowing or hearing difficulties. The age of the individual is not a barrier for providing an effective Speech Therapy.

What is the ideal age for availing the service of a Speech Therapist?

Speech Therapy can be given to individuals of all age groups and one should not hesitate to approach for help.  Whether it is for your child or for an adult, you should take the initiative to consult an experienced Speech Pathologist. At ANJ Therapy we have qualified Speech Therapist (Speech Language pathologist) who is willing to work with you to overcome any kind of speech, language and hearing difficulties.