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Overview of ADHD

ADHD Diagnosis sydneyAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): It is explained as a condition that affects a  person’s behaviour. These individuals often seem restless, have difficulty concentrating and are impulsive.

Their symptoms are noticed when children are under 12 years of age. These symptoms become evident when the child’s circumstances change, as when they start going to school. Sometimes ADHD can go unnoticed in childhood and the individual may get diagnosed in his/ her adulthood.


ADHD Diagnosis Sydney

If you are looking for ADHD Diagnosis in Sydney, you are at the right place. ANJ Therapy, Sydney, Australia offers expert advice on ADHD Symptoms in children and adults and further treatment.

Ideally, an individual will be diagnosed of attention deficit (inattention) or hyperactivity/ impulsivity or combined type (inattention and hyperactivity) only if the primary symptoms of ADHD start in their early childhood i.e., before 12 years of age and if it results in significant issues at home and at school on a daily basis. No test in particular is present for ADHD; To make a diagnosis for ADHD the following are included:

  • Medical examination: This procedure is carried out to eliminate other probable causes of the symptoms.
  • Information gathering: It involves collecting data such as the current medical issues of the individual, their personal medical history and family medical history, educational history and so on.
  • Interviews or questionnaires: Here, information is collected via interviews or different questionnaires from family members, caregivers, teachers, babysitters, coaches and other individuals who know the child well.
  • The ADHD criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5): A criteria used for the diagnosis of ADHD, published by the American Psychiatric Association.
  • ADHD rating scales: These assist with collecting and evaluating information concerning your child.


Diagnosis of ADHD in Children

adhd diagnosis australiaEven though the signs and symptoms of ADHD are sometimes present in children even below 4 years of age, diagnosing ADHD in these children is often a challenge. This is because developmental issues like language delays can be misdiagnosed as ADHD.

Hence pre-schoolers or even younger children who are suspected with ADHD symptoms are to be evaluated by a specialist, such as a speech language pathologist, psychologist, paediatrician, etc.


ADHD Diagnosis in Adults

The current guidelines for the diagnosis of ADHD in adults can be confirmed only if the symptoms of ADHD are present since childhood. If one finds it difficult to remember whether the problems were present since childhood, the specialist might require to see the old school records, or talk to parents, and teachers, to verify if these issues were present as a child too.


ADHD Treatment in Sydney

The currently available treatments for ADHD help in reducing the symptoms and improving the functioning of the individual. The treatments include medications, psychotherapy, therapy, training, or a combination of different treatments.

ADHD is treated using medical management or therapeutic management, but a combination of both medicine and therapy is usually the best. You can contact ANJ Therapy for the best treatment of ADHD in Sydney.